29 November 1979, at the Pavilion.de Paris

代表作Breakfast In Americaを発表した1979年のライブを収録しています。もちろん大ヒットしました。一押しです。

It Was he Best Time 1997年のライブ、Roger Hodgsonが居ないのが残念ですが、いいライブ盤です。

September 1997 at the Royal Albert Hall, London,

Rick Davies – vocals, keyboards, harmonica, Mark Hart – vocals, keyboards, lead and acoustic guitars ,Carl Verheyen – rhythm guitars, backing vocals , Cliff Hugo – bass guitar, backing vocals , John Helliwell – saxophone, keyboards, backing vocals , Lee Thornburg – trumpet , Bob Siebenberg – drums, percussion .Jesse Siebenberg – percussion

Tront 1983 live at CNE Grandstand, Toronto, Canada , 24 Aug 1983


1 Crazy
2 Aint Nobody But Me
3 Breakfast In America
4 Bloody Well Right
5 Give A Little Bit
6 Rudy
7 Hide In Your Shell
8 Put On Your Old Brown Shoes
9 The Logical Song
10 Goodbye Stranger
11 Dreamer From Now On/Fool Overture 12 12 School
13 Crime Of The Century

Rick Davies: Keyboards & Vocals
Roger Hodgson: Guitars,Keyboards & Vocals
Bob Siebenberg: Drums
John A. Helliwell: Sax, Woodwinds & Vocals
Dougie Thomson: Bass
Scott Page: Guitars, Percussion & Sax
Fred Mandel: Keyboards & Guitars


 この最高のイギリスのバンドは、 Crime of the Century で世界を驚嘆させ、それ以降素晴らしい作品を次々に発表。 Breakfast in America ではジャケット通りアメリカのチャートも制覇し、その後1984年のRoger脱退後も欧米での人気は衰えなかった。日本には1976年の1回しか来日していないのが残念でならないが、唯一無二の世界観を持ったプログレ、ポップバンドとして最高の評価を受けています。

Studio Album  Supertramp(1970) ,Indelibly Stamped(1971), Crime of the Century (1974), Crisis? What Crisis? (1975), Even in the Quietest Moments… (1977), Breakfast in America (1979), …Famous Last Words… (1982), Brother Where You Bound (1985), Free as a Bird (1987),Some Things Never Change (1997), Slow Motion (2002)

In The Eye Of The Storm



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