Yellow Dogによる究極のストーンズ初期のアウトテイク・未発表曲集を紹介します。3CDボックス。音質も素晴らしく聴く価値あります。特にCD3の未発表曲、alternate takeには痺れます。

CD 1: Heart Of Stone /Not Fade Away /And Mr. Spector And Mr. Pitney Came Too /Andrews Blues /Don’t Lie To Me /Hi Heel Sneakers /Stewed And Keefed /Look What You’ve Done /Tell Me Baby, How Many More Times /Down In The Bottom /We’re Wastin’ Time /Hear It /Sleepy City /Try A Little Harder /Something Just Stick In Your Mind /As Time Goes By /Blue Turns To Grey /Satisfactiion /Looking Tired /Paint It Black /Lady Jane /Get Yourself Together /Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow #1 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow? # 2/Let’s Spend The Night Together

CD 2: Get Yourself Together /Let’s Spend The Night Together /All Sold Out /Yesterday’s Papers /Ruby Tuesday /Complicated /Please, Go Home /My Obsession /Cosmic Christmas /Family /Downtown Lucy /Hamburger To Go /I’m A Country Boy /Memo From Turner #1 /Memo From Turner #2 /Sister Morphine /Still A Fool /You Got The Silver /Highway Child

CD 3: Sympathy For The Devil /Country Honk /Gimme Shelter /Lovin’ Cup /Jiving Sister Fanny /Honky Tonk Woman /All Down The Line (Acoustic) /All Down The Line (Electric) /I Don’t Know The Reason Why (a.k.a. Hillside Blues)/I’m Going Down /You Gotta Move /Brown Sugar #1 /Brown Sugar #2 /Bitch /Good Time Woman /Sway /Schoolboy Blues


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