Chicago出身の名ソウルグループ。特にsweet soul fanにはたまらないグループです。60年代後半から70年代にヒット曲を連発。1969年から1974年までにR&B chatで11‎‎回のトップ‎‎テン‎ヒット‎‎を記録しました。‎

Have You Seen Her(全米3位・1971年)、Oh Girl(全米1位・1972年)、Homely Girl(R&B3位・1974年)の名バラードが大ヒット。また、I Found Sunshine、“Too Good to Be Forgotten、Stoned Out of My Mind、(For God’s Sake) Give More Power to the People等のアップテンポの曲も素晴らしい。

Live In Canada 2004  Frank Reed, Marshall Thompson, Tara Thompson , Robert Lester (vocals, background vocals); Diane Womack, Alicia Renee, Samotta Acklin (background vocals)

Intro,Are You My Woman (Tell Me So),For Gods Sake Give More Power To the People,A Lonely Man,I Want To Pay You Back,The Coldest Day Of My Life,Stoned Out Of My Mind,You Don’t Know My Name,A Letter To Myself,Oh Girl,Have You Seen Her,Hold On To Your Dreams,Toby,You And I,Hot On A Thing (Called Love),Low Key

Greatest Hits Live


Intro、For God’s Sake Give Me More Power to the People、Don’t Let Me Be the Man My Daddy Was、Toby、Stoned out of My Mind、Hot on a Thing (Calle Love)、Letter to Myself, Oh Girl、Hold on to Your Dreams、Have You Seen Her

Album Discography (Brunswick時代)

1969 Give It Away

1970 I Like Your Lovin’ (Do You Like Mine?)

1971 (For God’s Sake) Give More Power to the People

1972 A Lonely Man

1972 Greatest Hits

1973 A Letter to Myself

1973 Chi-Lites

1974 Toby

1975 Half a Love


The Greatest Hits  初めて買った彼らのLPはこのベスト盤。

A1 Have You Seen Her
A2 (For God’s Sake) Give More Power To The People
A3 Stoned Out Of My Mind
A4 Oh Girl
A5 A Lonely Man

B1 The Coldest Day Of My Life (Part 1)
B2 I’m Ready If I Don’t Get To Go
B3 Homely Girl
B4 A Letter To Myself
B5 We Are Neighbors



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